Thread Items from my campaign

Lormy’rs Big Book of Authority

This is a big heavy law book, decorated with sturdy steel furniture.
It is carried as a shield

Rank 1 Cost: 1300, Mystical Defense: 21
Physical Rating: 1, Mystical Rating: 3, Intiative penalty: 2, Shatter Theshold: 12

Crystal Plate Of Hurloon

This is a set of crystal plate armor, made from bright green crystal laced with inky black veins that seem to slosh around inside the crystals
Reference of this type of armor has been found in a Theran book about the Minoan culture and the perculiar and feral race of bull-headed Namegives on the island of Crete, not far from Thera. An expedition came back to Great Thera bearing a few of these sets.

Mystical Defense 15, 800LP base, Armor 6/6, ini -4.

Rathmar’s Chains

This is an length of heavy chain with a crescent moon shaped blade on one end. It is roughly made and blackened by fire and magic

300 LP Base, Mystical Defense: 12, Size 3, dmg step 5 (Like a Broadsword)

White Heron

This is an incredibly beautiful Jian, obviously made by a true master of the trade. The blade is quite long at 110cm, flawless and mirror polished, except for a white heron etched on one bevel near the hilt, the words “White Heron” in Mandarin on the opposite bevel, both repeated on the other side of the blade. The sword is very light, weighing perhaps a quarter of a broadsword of similar length, and is obviously made for fancy fencing moves.

It is a novice rank thread item, meaning the first rank costs 100LP. Mystic defense is 8, and two extra successes will reveal that there is really strong magic in the blade.
The sword was made by the legendary Weaponsmith Li Mu Bai, several hundred years before the Scourge in Cathay, as a gift for the Emperor’s young son. It will refuse to be fully drawn from its scabbard – which is made of white lacquered tortoise shell and a thing of beauty in and of itself – in combat, until a thread has been woven.

Robes of Night

This is a set of fine wizards robes blue to the point of being very nearly black, made from a smooth material that feels like silk
These robes are described in the Journal of Corr, an elf Wizard. They are robes worn by an ork wizard Named Chorangi Treckezh, who died on a secret mission to carve a hole from the surface of the Throal Mountains down to the Halls of Throal, in order to let a throng of summoned Horrors and constructs loose inside.

500LP base, Mystical Defense: 15

Shield of Zanjan’s Sacrifice

This is a large kite shield made of wood covered in leather, rimmed with steel, and painted red and blue.

First rank cost: 800, Mystical Defense: 15
Physical Rating: 2, Mystical Rating: 1, Intiative penalty: 2, Shatter Theshold: 19

Black Panther

This is a set of surprisingly light blued steel plate armor with blue and red decorations.
This armor was made in Great Thera for Cathera the Beastmaster; the maker’s mark belongs to an elven Weaponsmith Named Hargr. How an elf could be Named like an ork that way? You’ll have to ask him. This has seen long and glorious use, Cathera has worn it on missions in Creana, Vivaine, Indrisa and Barsaive, mainly on missions scouting for villages to raid for slaves in and near Cara Fahd. A notable story tells of how he wore it in the battle of Sky Point, a battle that ignited in him a glowing hatred of Throal and the rest of the uppity people of Barsaive the damn Theran Province.

500 LP Base, Mystical Defense: 13,
Physical Armor: 9, Mystical Armor: 0, Intiative penalty: 4

Bulwark of Landis

This is a 60cm diameter round shield, its main body made of smooth light green semitransparent living crystal which changes hue towards blue or yellow depending on the angle of light, rimmed in rune inscribed blued steel.
This shield was made during the Scourge in Kaer Pictaveau, a mostly human settlement in the heart of Landis, by the Troll Weaponsmith Toriocht the Halfling, also known by the Name or Title ‘Datar’.

Mystical Defense 14 Threads 1
Physical Defense +2 Mystical Defense +2 Initiative Penalty -2 Shatter Theshold 18

Girdle of Melian

This is a beautiful girlde of linked brass plates, each embossed with a scenes of ancient battles and heroes long forgotten. When found, it is scaled to fit a Windling, but with a thread attached, will resize to any wearer.

LP 1300, Mystical Defense 14

Phèdre's Harlequin Mask

This is a half-mask of carefully and beautifully arranged peacock feathers, covering the top half of the wearers face

LP 1300, Mystical Defense 14


This is a lovely carving of an Owl, about 25cm tall and carved from veined malachite. In it resides an ally spirit whos carries the Name Archimedes and has great knowledge of Alchemy

Journeyman item, Mystical Defense 11

Lavender Dragon

This is a mildly curved broadsword made from damascened steel that has been heat treated at a very high temperature

Master tier item, Mystical Defense 15
Base damage step 8

Black Dragon Armor

This is a lovely set of black dragon themed steel plate armor, fitted for an elf with room for an impressive bosom.

Master tier item, Mystical Defense 15
Base Armor 9/0, Initiative penalty 4

Shield of Flame

This is a medium sized crescent shaped shield decorated with a design in black and firey orange

Warden tier item, Mystical Defense 15

Physical Rating +2 Mystical Rating +1 Initiative Penalty -1 Shatter Theshold 19

Shield of Sleed

This is a medium sized round shield apparently carved from a single piece of mottled grey granite, with a classic shield bow

Master tier item, Mystical Defense 14
Physical Rating +2 Mystical Rating +0 Initiative Penalty -1 Shatter Theshold 19

Sindre's Tattoos.

This is a box full of mechanical beetles the size of a Dwarf's thumb. When the thread is attached, the beetles jump to action, crawling all over the skin of the owners thighs, body and face, decorating it permanently with a tribal pattern tattoo

Warden tier item, Mystical Defense 8

Corr's Wand Of Power

This is a 30cm long straight polished rod of white ivory, carved from the tusk of a large animal. It has a clearly designed and shaped handle, and near it, it has a small decorative cap of gold.
It could perceivably be used as a baton, should the user so desire, damage rating 1, size 2

Master tier item, Mystic Defense 15

Spec Op Specs

This is a pair of elegant sunglasses, rimmed in a titanium alloy, with lenses made of dark orange crystal. Even without a thread, wearing them will partially negate any penalties for sharp light

Warden tier item, spell defense 9

The Authority

This is a really big and impressive two-handed sword, just small enough to allow a strong human to wield it. It's almost 2m long, made of mirror polished well-tempered steel, the blade is leaf-shaped and balanced to deliver powerful slashing attacks.

Master tier, Mystic Defense 15
Damage step 8, strength minimum 15, size 6


This flail has a long stout haft of chestnut wood, and the reinforcing bands, chain and smooth round ball of are made of deep brown bronze, The handle portion of the haft is wrapped in old, black leather.

Journeyman Tier
Without a thread attached, it has the same stats as a normal flail - Size 3, Damage 5, Strength minimum 10, Dexterity minimum 7